As makers, a1923 presents a work boot in its essence. Constructed with the intention to be worn heavily, the work boot is welted by hand, using leather and thread that compliments its construction.

Artisans who hone their skill conduct every single step of creating the shoe, being what they set out to be, makers.

PERSONALIZED is being presented in order to create a dialogue between the maker, the shoe and the wearer. The wearer is left with the opportunity to personalize his/hers/its shoes. Stating his/her/its opinion when it comes to the ornamentation of the shoes, the wearer is able to mark the shoes with his/her/its character and emotion.

Material: Through accumulative research a1923 presents Cordovan Oil and Kangaroo Oil for the first time, exclusively for PERSONALIZED by a1923. Culatta Oil is also available, giving 3 options for leather in total. All tanned with oils, these leathers become softer than what will be expected of the wearer before the first interaction with the material. At the same time the richness and structure of all three leathers will be enhanced. Given its strong, yet supple texture, the Cordovan Oil immediately interacts and starts its conversation with the wearer that will continue to develop over time. Kangaroo Oil will instantly feel soft and welcoming, and being able to enhance its texture and strong yet flexible nature with oils the potential of the Kangaroo will be shown through how the colors will age.

Sole: For the sole Buffalo, calf and white calf give different opportunities in terms of texture, color and feel while worn. Proposing different responses both visually and physically.

Color: Given its richness, the Cordovan Oil gives the possibility to elevate aspects of the leathers texture through color. The wearer is given 3 starting points in terms of color. Through interaction with the maker each and every pair will be worked on to realize the intention of the dialogue. The same amount of options is given to the color of the sole. Beginning the PERSONALIZED project, black, purple and yellow will be available, and different layering of these will be possible.

The goal of the interaction between the maker and wearer should be the opportunity to mark the PERSONALIZED pair of a1293 to show it belongs to the wearer. PERSONALIZED by a1923 initiates a stronger connection between the shoe and the wearer, hoping their relation will continue to develop through time.

Please, do not handle with care.